the early days

I for one have always been interested in concept art. Every time a game I love comes out or I see a movie I just can't get over, I have to go looking for the concept art. Getting to see those early stages of production, to see ideas getting fleshed out and how they came to life in the final product is always fascinating to me. So, for all of you out there who share my appreciation for the beginning stages of a product, this is the place to check out all the concept art for DSR. I should mention, this is only a small sampling of what's available in the Limited Concept Issue (available as a top tier reward in the Kickstarter campaign) and the the Limited Concept Card  (limited number only available as a prizes at Indiana Comic Con) 


Lagula City 

This is the first piece of concept art I had commissioned for Dream State Radicals. And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Lagula City. The multi level metropolis 2,000 years in the future and where our humble journey begins.

Leech #2

Leech is one of the main characters in DSR. He's a Z dealer and you'll be very familiar with him and his predicament as soon as the first five pages come out.

Early Concept

Back before the first piece of concept art was decided on we took a look at a few options for angles. These are the first three tumbs we had to choose from. As you know we ended up with a modified version of thumb 3. 

Leech #2 Pencil & Ink

Before a character, or anything for that matter, is created in the comic book or graphic novel world it must first be pencil and inked, and the a colorist comes in and does their job and finally a letter comes in for the letters. This is the early stages of Leech. 

Leech #1

This is the first concept piece of Leech. I love the way it turned out but we ended up going with the second version. But keep your eyes peeled for this guy, as he will most definitely show up at some point in the series.