Why a comic book for your video or board game?

1.) Excellent way to continue or start the story. 

Wether you're setting the scene or saying The End a custom single issue graphic novel is an excellent way to do that. It's visual, unique, and engaging. 

2.) Gives you a marketing edge.

There's tons of companies, from indie publishing houses to industry titans coming out with board games and video games. If you're marketing in either sector, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. This is a superb way to build interest and have something really unique to get a leg up on the competition.

3.) Allows you to expand your universe and cannon.

You're already working in a visual medium and you know the importance of good graphic design. A single issue graphic novel or comic book is the ideal way to build on your universe. It's a chance to add cannon, character development, and unique perspectives which can be hard to get across in other forms.

4.) Attractive offer for expansion packs or collector's editions.

A collector's edition or expansion pack is a hard sell. Especially if you're not well established. A custom comic book or single issue graphic novel from Huckleberry Comics is the perfect way to give your customers a lot more incentive and to spice up your offerings. 



How it works

     Huckleberry Comics is here to help you add a very cool addition to any product launch. A completely custom comic book or single issue Graphic Novel for your video or board game. We do the whole thing from the ground up. Pro pencil and inkers, colorists, letterers and formatters. We pick artists that we feel match the style of the game and have them look over your concept art or existing references to help flesh out the world which will be printed in glossy full color. Don't bog your creative team down with another project, extending your launch date and adding 50% more work for yourself. Trust us, producing a professional graphic novel is extremely time consuming and difficult. We have it down to a science and our artists do this full time for a living. 

     If you have a script, we can convert it to graphic novel format and take it from there or if you'd like us to write one in house we can create an excellent custom script for your project. Please fill out the form below for inquires. Up to 6 artists work on your custom comic book or single issue graphic novel for 8hrs + per page.

We're also happy to format an art book for your project, just let us know in the contact form down below!

Please contact us for a custom quote:

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