Our Team

Here at Huckleberry Comics we are incredibly fortunate to have a team of extremely talented and resourceful artists. They're carving the very world Dream State Radicals takes place in and helping to breathe life into our characters.


Chrles Dutka

Traditionally published poet, writer, and entrepreneur. I started this company when I had a novel idea. A graphic novel idea, that is.




Patrick Buermeyer

Patrick has been working in comics for going on two years, with publications in short anthologies such as Huckleberry Comic's Dream State Radicals #1, The Vast Expanse #2, Tales from Orbit #1, and The Chronicles of Terror #1.  He also has an ongoing series being kickstarted and published through WP Comics coming August 2016, “Crystal’s Odyssey.”  He graduated from Oregon State University and has been scrambling around trying to pay back student loans ever since. Patrick lives and works in Corvallis, OR. 


Elias Martins

Elias Martins is a Brazilian artist and writer who works in comics as a pencil and inker. Previous publications include The Waking #4 (Zenescope Enternaiment) & Mother and Son (Grayhaven comics)






Jose Ramierz

Jose is our incredibly talented colorist and we couldn't be happier to have him on the team. His bio will be coming soon.













Anton Egorov

Anton is our concept artist for Dream State Radicals and the lead artist on our first board game Sky Skirmish.