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It all started when...

ironically enough, I had a dream. It was pretty crazy, and very cool and I still remember it in great detail. And so, as a traditionally published poet and writer I did what I always do with ideas I really like and started writing it down. A Sci-fi novel, I thought, would be a fun break from the norm. I write crime fiction usually so I jumped at the chance for a change of pace. There was significant problems with the concept, and it just wasn't 'gelling' as they say. I gave up on the idea, went back to my usual work and more or less forgot the whole thing. Until about a month later when I mentioned the concept to a co-worker. He thought the concept was very cool and perfect not for a novel, but a graphic novel.

     Not knowing much about graphic novels he lended me a few and I immediately saw how the idea would work in that format and I realized what was wrong. The reason it wasn't gelling as a traditional novel is because the concept didn't hold to those standards. I was trying to jam an idea into the wrong medium. It's like having an idea for a movie and trying to write it as a play. It can be done, but there's always something a little off about it, something that you loose in the conversion. Or rather, lost in translation. I did some research and pretty soon I sat down with an illustrator over at Dark Horse Comics. He was extremely informative and pointed me in the right direction.

     After looking through nearly three hundred submissions I hand picked the team I wanted to work on the first five sample pages of Dream State Radicals. Just to see if this thing really became a graphic novel, or single issue series, what it would look like. How it would work. I was pleased with those first five pages and not too long after that I started  Kickstarter. We raised over $2,000 exceeding our goal and successfully funding the project. At this point there's literally hundreds of pre-orders for the first issue of our flagship series and the demand is only growing.

     And that, my friends, is where we are now. In the midst of finishing up production on Dream State Radicals. But something exciting happened along the campaign path. We made lots of connections, lots of friends and got a LOT of very cool new concepts. Just one of which is a brand new board game which we're calling Sky Skirmish. Read more about it here.


     We're currently collaborating with Lighthouse Comics on a project which we think is very cool indeed. And although we're not inclined to comment further at this point, we are very much looking forward to its official announcement. Signing up for our newsletter is a great way to be the first to know about that and anything else we're cooking up. We are also looking forward to partnering with a few companies in the tabletop gaming sector as we begin production on our second endeavor, Sky Skirmish. Which you can read all about under the Titles tab in the top navigation menu. 

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